How To Measure Your Bra Size in simple steps

We always advise customers to be professionally measured but that is not always possible or convenient.

The first step, is to measure your band size:

Using a tape measure, measure all the way around your body just underneath your breasts.  The tape should be tight around your body and level across your back.  Write down this measurement in inches, rounding up or down to the nearest even number.

For example, if you are 34 1/4 inches then round down to 34.

If you are 35 1/4 inches then round up to 36.

This measurement is your band or back size.

Step 2, measure your cup size:

Now gently measure the fullest point around your breasts, remembering to keep the tape measure level across your back.  Make a note of this measurement in inches rounding up to the nearest whole number.

The difference between this measurement and your band size is used to work out your cup size as follows:

Difference              Cup Size
Less than 1 inch      AA cup
1 inch                      A cup
2 inches                  B cup
3 inches                  C cup
4 inches                  D cup
5 inches                  DD cup
6 inches                  E cup
7 inches                  F cup
8 inches                  FF cup
9 inches                  G cup
10 inches                GG cup
11 inches                H cup
12 inches                HH cup
13 inches                J cup

For Example

If your band size came out as 34 inches and your bust measurement was 39 inches then you would need to first try a 34DD bra size.

Tips on telling if you're wearing the right size:

1.  Your bra or swimwear should fit snugly under your breasts at the root of your breast on the loosest clasp fitting to allow for give with wash and wear.

2.  You should be able to fit 2 fingers underneath the back band but no more or it's too big.

3.  The centre of the bra or swimwear should sit flat on the middle of your chest inbetween your boobs without a gap.

Need more help?

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