6 Bra Fitting Secrets

Are you wearing the right size bra?

You know when your bra just doesn't feel right.  Compare your current fit with the bra fit images and descriptions below to determine whether your bra is too big or small, or just right!

Cups too small

Cups Too Small

If your bust is ’squished’ out of the top of your bra or spilling out the sides, the cups are probably too small.

Cups Too Big

Cups Too Big

If the cups are wrinkling, the cup size is probably too large.

Band Too Big

Band Too Big

If your band is riding up, the band size is too large. It should sit firmly level around the body. You should be able to fit 2 fingers under the band once it’s fastened.

Band too small

Band Too Small

If your bra is digging in and too tight try a larger band. Wearing the wrong size bra can cause long term issues such as back ache and shoulder pains.



Don’t make the straps do all the work. Fit should be firm without digging in. If you have to pull the straps super tight, it could be the back size is too big.

time for a change

Time For Change

To get the best from your bras you need to know when you need to keep hold of them and when you seriously need to just get rid! Bands and fabric stretch over time and older bras don't give the support they used to, so treat yourself to something new!.