Bra Fitting Guide

Find Your Perfect Fitting Bra

What does a perfect fitting bra look like? No two brands or styles fit the same so how do you know whether your new purchase is the right fit. There are 3 simple things to look for. 

Bra Fitting Guide

The perfect fitting bra will give you:

  • more comfort
  • more support for your boobs
  • better posture
  • more confidence
Our bodies change all the time, so it's really important to keep checking your bra size.  Also, if you change brands you may find your size changes too.  

Remember, a perfect fitting bra should give you:
  • an underband that is level land snug all the way round
  • your boobs should be held and supported by the underwire not the straps
  • underwire that sits flat against your centre chest
  • cups which encapsulate all the breast tissue without overspill