Don’t worry, I’m not here to guilt you into “working off” those mince pies! I thought a good start to 2019 would be to talk you through some of the more common bra shapes and how they may work for your body.

I’ve tried to make this guide as easy to understand as possible but I know this information can sometimes be a little overwhelming. If you have any questions or need any advice please do comment below and I will be on hand to help you out.

The Lingerie Expert, Linzi x

First up – let’s go with a plunge bra

A plunge bra has a low centre gore. People often assume it will always be padded but this is not the case, it’s more likely to be moulded or unlined. Plunge styles give natural cleavage without adding volume and work well under low necklines.

Some of my top plunge picks are:

Matilda by Elomi which is brilliant on larger busts. It has a more generous gore which prevents ‘falling out’ and although it is sheer it’s still super supportive.

For smaller busts I recommend the Wacoal Intuition which is a smooth contour style bra. The cups will give natural shape and the thin edging makes it practically invisible under your clothing.

Final pick is Tango by Panache – this bra is a classic best-seller. It is sheer and supportive but comes a little lower in the gore than Matilda and is available in more sizes (D – H cup). A perfect bra for summer tops and dresses.

balconette – sometimes referred to as balcony is up next

This one is such a popular style mainly due to the gorgeous rounded shape it gives. The straps are wide set which means the cups run across the upper breast more than they do in a full cup. They can be moulded, padded or unlined but you will find the more vertical seams the cup has, the more lift you will get. I know people with larger busts sometimes avoid this style for fear of overspilling but I am a 38HH and I definitely love wearing a balconette!

Freya Chi Idol is a perfect balcony style for lots of shapes and sizes. Based on Freya’s classic Idol bra it has smooth, moulded cups which sit a little higher than some other balconette bras.

Thea by Panache is a 3 part balcony and is available up to a K cup. It has deep cups with narrow wires so gives fabulous forward projection whilst keeping all the support. I’m honestly not sure why this one isn’t in my lingerie drawer yet but I think it will be very soon as I’ve just convinced myself that I need it….

on to full cup

As the name suggests, these are the bras that give the most coverage but they are often dismissed as being a bit “frumpy” which is definitely not the case. Full cup bras often have 4 sections to them which means they give incredible support and shape. Some of my favourite everyday bras are full cups and I find them ever so comfortable to wear.

One of my favourites is Elomi Morgan – it works really well on my bust due to the stretch lace section. This helps prevent any spilling and/or gaping and gives a lovely supported shape to my boobs. It also comes in the best prints!

Jacqueline is a Fantasie classic. It has a shallow cup and wider wires to suit a bust that isn’t so full in shape. The side panels bring the breast tissue in and forward creating a more projected shape.


Moulded bras are made by shaping one piece of fabric on a hot breast-shaped mould. Your staple t-shirt bra such as the popular Freya Deco is a moulded style. They are often confused with padded bras but don’t actually add any volume to the bust. The fabric is slightly thicker which means a lot of women prefer to wear them to disguise visible nipples.

lastly, i’ll cover the bralette

This non-wired style has risen in popularity recently. Whether you choose to wear one for lounging, sleeping or in place of your wired bra, the rise in the Bralette means there’s bound to be one out there to suit you. Most will describe it as a crop top style bra, without wires or clasps, but given it’s quite trendy at the moment there are several variations out there. Daisy Lace by Freya is a cute design, it does have a clasp and adjustable straps so can be a little more wearable then their Fancies style (which I think is a perfect lazy day Bralette and comes in a variety of colours). Parfait do an excellent bra-sized design, Adriana, it features deep clasped band and j-hook for added optional support and variety.

So, that’s some of the more popular styles explained! If you want to know more, or want a personal recommendation on which bras to try, please do comment below and I will try my best to help.



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