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Ok, be honest. When you hear the word shapewear, do you, like us, picture that classic cinema moment when Daniel discovers Bridget is wearing enormous pants?  Many years on and shapewear has actually become one of the great success stories of the lingerie industry.  Thankfully also, it is no longer the frumpy, uncomfortable, difficult to climb in and out of choice for those of us who would like a little trim and slim, squeeze and please, or suck and tuck!! Shapewear is always a good idea so don’t let the wrong underwear ruin a special outfit.

Lazeme’s go-to brand for shapewear is Wacoal and you’ll feel super sexy in it and be happy to flaunt your figure.  Wacoal uses unique designs in amazing fabrics for the perfect fit without compromising on comfort.

Here are our 6 Top Tips for Shapewear:


DON’T be tempted to try any other size than the one you normally wear.  Going smaller will only cause unsightly bulges rather than the smooth effect you are looking for. If you are unsure then use the size guides that are often available or ask for advice.  If you are trying on a piece then make sure you can move around easily (and sit down comfortably!)


Choose the right level of support for the look you require. Lightweight fabrics will give you a lovely smooth silhouette with less control.  Heavier fabrics will provide compression for when only the ‘breathe in’ factor will do!  Many garments will make it clear if they offer light, medium or firm support!


Make sure you know which area or areas you want to concentrate on. There are garments to suit everyone’s needs….


High waist briefs and shorts are wonderful as they come right up to your bra line. Ideal to camouflage unwanted imperfections and promises to disappear under clothing for a flawless finish.


If you want to be sure of a completely smooth look then full body shapewear is for you.  Perfect for smoothing the tummy area and great for every day wear too!


If it’s your legs you want to smooth and tone then the long leg shaper briefs  (or indeed some of the body shapers with legs) are the obvious choice. Great under body con dresses and also slim fit trousers and jumpsuits.

AND BREATHE….Forget all preconceptions about shapewear – Wacoal is different.  Featuring high tech new breathable fabrics combining moisture absorption and microfiber for odour control means that you can be confident of being comfortable whether out for a meal or a night on the dancefloor!

And finally, as a lover of all things lingerie, we sometimes feel with shapewear that functionality can win over style and elegance. Thankfully this isn’t the case with the Wacoal line which offers the prettiness of lingerie with the support of shapewear.

Our absolute favourite though, has to be the new Wacoal Sexy Shaping Dress (in red or black) – it’s beautiful and I’m sure Daniel would approve!

Turn up the heat and check out our sizzling new Sexy Shaping lingerie collections by Wacoal.