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CYELL Swimwear available in the UK at

Discover Exclusive and Sophisticated Swimwear by Cyell

CYELL is a Dutch swimwear brand with international appeal.  Their collections combine feminine styling and vibrant colours and Cyell has become a firm favourite at Lazeme.

Discover the unique and individual styling, consistent quality and perfect fit of Cyell.  Take a look at the sensational new 2012 collection.  New styles arriving every season.

Cyell Swimsuit

Cyell San Remo Swimsuit

Cyell Bikinis

 Cyell Bikinis

Cyell Striped Bikini

 Cyell Striped Bikinis

Cyell Summer 2011 Swimwear Collection at Lazeme has introduced an explosion of colour to its beautiful ranges this summer with the addition of Cyell Beachwear collection.

Cyell's new subtly decorated and highly playful creations promise a dazzling season of sun and sand!

Focus on Cyell Swimwear and Beachwear 2011

Lazeme is delighted to introduce Cyell Swimwear and Beachwear to its range during 2011.  Cyell is a Dutch fashion brand with international allure. Cyell's stylists design and develop each collection in-house and focus on the fashionable and self-assured women with a positive and open view on life. Cyell distinguishes itself from the competition with its unique and individual signature style, its eye for detail, consistent quality, sustainability and perfect fit.