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Freya Soiree Lace Lingerie - Classic elegance with rich, geometric lace

Freya Soiree Lace Lingerie Collection

NEW luxury lace range!

Freya Lingerie offers a refined and luxurious range with Soiree Lace.  Indulge yourself with rich geometric lace in this show-stopping collection.  Features a selection of gorgeous new bra and brief shapes for you to choose from.

Available in a gorgeous selection of colours.

Freya Soiree Lace

The high apex bra offers an on-trend and fashion forward style, featuring underwire and a flattering low centre front.

The plunge frame is made from a rigid semi sheer net for a light look but great support.  The stretch outer cup creates a high apex and forward projection and features rich geometric lace. 

Fully adjustable straps to prevent strap slippage.  Delicate half moon charm at centre front.

Available in sizes C - H cup

Freya Soiree Lace White

The bralette offers an on-trend and fashion forward style, featuring underwire and a low centre front for a revealing neckline.  Stretch geometric lace top cup for ease of fit and a rounder shape.  

This bra offers plunge without push up.

There is a sand coloured lining for a light appearance and the stretch geometric lace covers the body front and back.  

Other styles include:

The padded plunge bra offers an on-trend and fashion forward style, featuring underwire and a low centre front for a revealing neckline.  Stretch geometric lace top cup for ease of fit and a rounder shape.  This bra offers plunge without push up.

Co-ordinates to match include, brief, short, suspender and brazilian.

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Lingerie Spring Trends

Be Bold and beautiful

This season is all about punchy printws and bright colour pops. 

So prepare to flaunt your curves in graphic designs!

How to Choose the Right Bra Style

Do you know your bralettes from your balconettes?  Ever wondered what the difference is between a balcony bra and a full cup bra?  As well as the correct fit, choosing the right bra style is key to making you look and feel great.  Lazeme has an extensive range of different styles to choose from and our Bra Style Guide will ensure you pick the perfect bra for your shape and occasion.

Bra Style Guide


BRALETTES - The soft cups and no wires makes the Bralette the go to bra to relax or sleep in. A Bralette's seamless qualities also give a perfectly flush finish under any outfit.  Offers comfort and style.  Not just for smaller busts - the Freya Fancies bralette fits up to an HH Cup.

BALCONY BRAS - Balcony/Balconnet Demi or Half Cup Bra provides great support but less coverage.  Works best where the weight of the breast tissue falls on the bottom. The wide set straps also make it ideal for low cut outfits - for extra uplift opt for the padded option.

BANDLESS BRAS - The bandless bra is designed to suit a full busted Petite frame as it has less fabric under the cups and an arched centre front for high tummy comfort.  Ideal for women who are short-waisted and have a softer shape.  Elomi offers a great selection of bandless bras.

FULL CUP BRAS - Perfect everyday bra - ideal for larger cup sizes, comes up higher in the cup and offers more coverage.  For extra support choose the Side Support option which provides forward projection and a perfectly rounded shape and uplift.

PLUNGE BRAS - Plunge bras offer less coverage with a low plunging v-neckline.  Angle cut cups create lift and enhance cleavage.  Can be lightly padded for extra support.  Great if you find deep centre gores uncomfortable.  Ideal for low cut clothing.

LONGLINE BRAS - The longline bra is an extended coverage bra and can come in different lengths. It is the crop-top of lingerie and offers a retro feel. Includes practical basics to bridal lingerie.

PUSH UP BRAS - If you are looking to maximise a petite bust or desire the ultimate cleavage then the Push Up bra is for you. This popular style goes perfectly under low cut tops. These bras often have additional padding.  Can give an overall rounded look to a sloping breast shape.

MOULDED BRAS - The popular moulded or contour bra style offers great uplift and rounded shape without adding volume to the bust. Available in rigid mould or soft mould for a more natural look.  Creates a smooth and seamless look under clothes.

PADDED BRAS - These bras have added padding to add fullness and a rounded shape. They also eliminate nipple show-through. The padding can be light, medium or heavy.

SIDE SUPPORT BRAS - The side support bra is ideal for fuller and larger bust sizes that need extra support throughout the day.

SPACER BRAS - Perfect if you want a natural looking bust but still need the opacity of a padded bra. Made from breathable and lightweight fabric that is both comfortable and invisible under garments - a lighter alternative to the padded bra.

STRAPLESS BRA - The strapless bra is a lingerie essential, perfect for special occasions or when you choose to bare your shoulders. Gripper elastic placed on the bands help to keep the bra in place.

FRONT FASTENING BRAS - These bras often have a low centre front and can feature elegant back lace detailing.

NURSING BRAS - Provides drop-down cups for easy feeding. Cradles and supports for maximum comfort.

RACERBACK BRAS - There’s always a place in your lingerie drawer for a racerback. They may have j-clips or detachable straps and are especially great to prevent strap slippage. Adds support and lift. Works great in the Summer with racerback tees.

SOFT CUP BRAS - Provides great comfort and is usually non-wired. Support is provided by the fabrics and construction. Great if you're pregnant, recently undertaken an operation or for growing teenagers.

SPORTS BRAS - Choose from a soft cup or underwired sports bra. Keeps your boobs in the right place during exercise. Technical fabrics draws moisture away and dries faster.

SEAMLESS BRAS - Seam free bras provide the perfect foundation to achieve a smooth look. Ideal for figure hugging outfits and t-shirts.

Bra Solutions - Wacoal Ultimate Side Smoother Bra

Wacoal Ultimate Side Smoother Bra
Wacoal Ultimate Side Smoother Bra
The bra that smoothes for a beautiful silhouette
Ultimate Side Smoother Bra by Wacoal
The NEW Ultimate Side Smoother Bra from Wacoal is our newest addition to the Wacoal range at Lazeme.  This unique and problem solving bra eliminates unsightly bulges and bumps particularly at the underarm sitting higher than many bras without causing chaffing or irritation due to the fine fabric and lower wire position.
Wacoal Ultimate Side Smoother Bra
The ingenious folding and cutting of the selvedge fabric gives an origami feel to the bra side and back as each fold and layer gives added strength and smoothing but without the thickness.  The selvedge fabric is knitted and ensures good recovery eliminating the need for elastic finishes on the edges.
Wacoal Side Smoother Bra
The ULTIMATE Side Smoother Contour Bra features:

- soft contour cups with smooth outer cover giving support and opacity

- a side wrap detail smooths the underarm giving all day comfort

- ingenious x-over sides give added support as the fabric doubles, giving good cross pull and also creates a v shape on the side back which gives nice clearance for ease of movement

- engineered back wing folds upwards creating a clean edge at the top of the back for smooth look under clothing whilst adding control and support

- selvedge used at v-back smooths and is flat

- close set straps avoid slippage

- fully stretch strap with back adjustment.

Wacoal Side Smoothing Bra in Sand

Available in a variety of colours at Lazeme
Wacoal Ultimate Side Smoothing Bra in black
Available sizes 30-42 back, C-F cups.

Wacoal Ultimate Side Smoothing Bra Sand

Lazeme Latest Lingerie Trends Autumn 2017

Lazeme Living Latest News and Autumn Trends

Freya Soiree

Fantasie Elodie News

6 Bra Fitting Secrets

So today we are answering the question:

Are you wearing the right size bra?

To help answer this question, compare your current fit with the images and descriptions below to determine whether your bra is too big or small or just right!

1. Cups too small

If your bust is ‘squished’ out of the top of your bra or spilling out the sides, the cups are probably too small.

2. Cups too large

If the cups are wrinkling or gaping, the cups size is probably too large.

3. Band too big

If your band is riding up, then the band size is too large. It should sit firmly level around your body. You should be able to fit only 2 fingers under the band once it’s fastened.
The correct band sits firmly level around the body like this.

4. Band too small

If your bra is digging in and too tight try a larger band. It should sit flat against your ribcage and be comfortable and supportive to wear.

5. Straps too loose or too tight

Don’t make the straps do all the work. Fit should be firm without digging in to your shoulders. If you have to pull the straps super tight, it could be the back size is too big.

6. Your bra should stay put

When moving, for example when you lift your arms above your head, your bra should stay put and not lift away from your body.

Time for change?

Remember, to get the best from your bras you need to know when you need to keep hold of them and when you seriously need to just get rid! Treat yourself every few months to a new bra and throw the ‘old faithful’ away.
If you have any other questions about bra fit just drop us an email or message us on Facebook.
The Lazeme Girls

How to Measure Yourself For a Bra at Home

Around 80% of us are in the wrong bra size. Literally millions of women are not looking or feeling as good as they deserve to. In fact, when did you last get properly fitted? Now, here at Lazeme, we know it is not always easy to find the time to visit a store for a bra fitting and even when you do it is not always a great experience. Many of you have asked us how to measure for a bra at home.
Measuring with a tape is not an exact science when it comes to bra fitting but if you don’t know where to start it is a good way to get an idea of which sizes to try. We will talk later about how to tell if you are wearing the right bra size.
We have developed an easy to use bra size calculator on our website.
When measuring for the perfect fitting band size always round up or down to the next even number. Our calculator will give you an estimated size to try. We say ‘try’ this size first because not all bras, brands or styles are made the same.

A perfectly fitting bra is how it feels. It should provide day long comfort and confidence.

When trying on your bra there are 3 simple things to look for:

1. Centre

The centre of the bra should sit flat on the middle of your chest without any gaping.

2. Band

The band provides the essential support not the straps so it should be a snug and firm fit. You should be able to fit only 2 fingers under the band at the back once it is fastened. The band should sit level around your body.

3. Underwire

The underwire should follow the line of the breast and the end of the underwires need to sit right behind the breast tissue on the bone.

The Perfect Fit

A good bra should always offer a flawless fit, with great comfort and support. It should stay in place when you move or raise your arms.
Remember, every woman is unique so experiment with different bra styles.
We recommend checking your size every 6 months as your size will change due to different life circumstances:
  • Health
  • Contraception
  • Weight gain or loss
  • Maternity
Tomorrow, we will explain how to tell if you are wearing the right size and how to determine if your bra may be too big or small.
The Lazeme Girls

On The Ocean Breeze - New Swimwear Arrivals at Lazeme

Now the weather is hotting up, our thoughts are turning to sandy beaches and warm oceans. Sipping a pina colada from a coconut underneath a palm tree sounds perfect right about now. So, if you’re ready to escape the 9-5 and embrace your inner Moana then we have some perfect swimwear for you! And don’t worry, you don’t even need the bod of a demi-god to look good in these beauties. 


Freya Island Girl




How To Wear Elomi Swimwear - A Step by Step Guide By Lazeme

How To Wear Elomi Swimwear





Statement Pink Lingerie to Rock This Spring

Wacoal Retro Chic in Raspberry
Featured on the recent New York Fashion Week runways, pink is definitely a colour to rock this spring. It's a fun and flirty colour that evokes the season of spring and new beginnings. As a fashion know-how staple; wearing colours that suit you makes significant a difference to how you look and the effect is further enhanced by the tone of colours you wear. To make sure you are looking at your best this spring we have composed a guide on how you can enhance your features with distinctive shades of pink lingerie we have in our new collections by Freya and Wacoal.
When matching colours to your skin tone it's not only your skin tone that matters but also your skin undertones. These undertones are classified in three categories, which are warm, cool and neutral. 
There are a few practical steps that you can take to find out what your skin undertone is. Here are three ways you can find this out.
1.Look at the colour of your veins on your wrist. You may observe that they either look blue or green. If your veins look blue you have a cool undertones whereas green veins indicate warm undertones.
2.Try on silver and gold jewellery. People with cool undertones look better in silver jewellery yet people with warm undertones suit gold jewellery more. Do you see what looks better on your skin tone?
3.Our final step for finding out your skin undertone is looking at the way your skin reacts to the sun. If your skin tans you have warm undertones. If you burn easily or become red before you tan you have cool undertones. This cool category also counts for people who burn and have medium or dark skin colour.
So where does our Lazeme collection fit in? Luckily for you a pale pink colour is universally flattering. Therefore you could all suit our new Pink Parfait coloured Vision collection by Wacoal.
Wacoal Vision Classic Bra in Pink Parfait
This beautiful stretch leavers lace bra looks delicate and pretty and suits its whipped cream namesake. It features florals that are perfect for spring.
Those with cool skin undertones particularly suit paler pink colours or colours with a bluish/ purplish undertone. A bold statement can be found in our Wacoal Chrystalle collection in Morello Cherry Pink. This set pictured features leavers lace and it is the newest addition to the Wacoal range. A refined and elegant piece, it combines elaborate decorative leavers lace with a dainty dot sheer mesh.
Wacoal Chrystalle in Morello Cherry Pink

Warm skin undertones suit bold fuchsias and coral tones of pink. The fuchsia look of the Freya Tempo lingerie in Raspberry is nostalgic and classic. As we revisit the full coverage bra look with a high centre we are jazzing things up for those with warm skin undertones for spring.


Freya Tempo in Raspberry



Our Freya Fancies collection new to our store in Candy Pink leans towards the coral end of the spectrum that suits warm undertones. This alternative bra featured here is expertly crafted in a bralette style.

Freya Fancies bralette in Candy pink



So there you have it. A guide to making you look your spring best . Take a look at our new collection under the ‘Lingerie’ tab on our site.  Be pretty in pink this spring.


The Lazeme Girls


Fantasie Jacqueline Lace Bra and Lingerie Collection

Fantasie Jacqueline Lace

Fantasie Jacqueline Lace

Fantasie Jacqueline Lace

Fantasie Jacqueline Lace is based on the Fantasie Jacqueline frame and has exquisite and exclusively designed all-over corded French Lace.  Available in soft shades of slate grey, navy blue, soft beige and ivory.

Full Cup Bra in Jacqueline Lace by Fantasie Lingerie

The Full Cup Bra ffers a full cup coverage with the addition of side support.

Wide wired for additional comfort and support, this three piece cup with side support offers great uplift and forward projection.

There is side support with fuller coverage in the cup and underarm.  The top cup has an elasticated edge for ease of fit at neck edge.

Features a toe back to give central pull through the straps and to prevent shoulder strap slippage.  Padded hook and eye for comfort.

Exclusively designed corded French Lace.

Available from a D to H Cup.

Fantasie Jacqueline Lace

The Brief features full French Lace front.

Fully lined for modesty and comfort.  Lovely soft handle fabric.

Exclusively designed corded French Lace.  Available sizes XS - 2XL

Fantasie Jacqueline Lace Thong

The Brazilian thong features full French Lace front.

Fully lined for modesty and comfort.  Lovely soft handle fabric.

Exclusively designed corded French Lace.  Available sizes XS - XL


Arriving May 2017 - The Jacqueline Lace Body and Soft Cup Bra in Navy and Ivory


Wacoal Frivole Bras, Briefs and Lingerie Collection

The New Wacoal Frivole Lingerie Collection

Wacoal Frivole

Be embraced by impeccable fit and sensuous fabrics with the all new Frivole.  Boasting a delicate two-tone stretch lace with an eye-catching art-deco inspired motif.  This collection is fine and soft to the touch.  Complete with a scallop mesh edge, keeping styles flat against the skin and maintaining shape.

New In today is the Frivole in the elegant black and nougat colour combination.

The collection comprises an UW bra, padded balcony bra, soft cup contour bra, uw contour push up bra, briefs, shorts, tanga and control brief.  Together with a beautiful chemise, Frivole Lingerie is chic and sexy and will make you feel ultra-feminine.

Wacoal Frivole Padded balcony bra

The padded balcony bra offers super push up without additional cookies.

There is a three-section foam inner cup giving a rounded natural uplift.  Beautiful all-lace cups and frame with a smooth plain back in stretch microfibre.

The low plunge centre is trimmed with tiny bow and trinket.  Fully adjustable back strap.  One hook fastener/two hooks on bigger sizes.  Available in cup sizes A to E.  

Wacoal Frivole UW Bra

The Frivole underwired bra has a plunge centre front with a two-section outer cup in lace.

The top cup lace lies flat against the skin.  It has some stretch for comfort and flexibility of fit with sheer elastic to maintain fit at the neckline.  The stretch lace bottom cup is lined with two-section sheer mesh, giving a natural shape and uplift.

There is an inner side sling giving additional support and all stretch lace wings which are lined with stretch mesh to give a feminine appearance whilst maintaining strength and support.  

Fully adjustable shoulder straps.  These bras fit beautifully, wear exceptionally well and make you feel feminine.

Finished with a centre front satin bow with dainty trim.  Available in cup sizes B to F.  The top cups are lined in larger sizes.

Wacoal UW Contour Push Up Bra in Black Nougat

The Frivole underwired contour push up bra has a plunge centre front with smooth contour cups for a natural shape in a combination of stretch and memory foam.

The integrated push up gives cleavage and the clean finish, flat-tailored neck edge provides no show under clothes.

There is a X-cross centre front detail adding comfort when active or sitting.  It is engineered to sit flat and smoothly against the body.  There is hidden underwire for a smooth finish.

The bra features beautiful stretch lace sides and back with lining for additional strength and the fully adjustable stretch straps are convertible to a cross-over style.  Available in cup sizes A to D.

Wacoal Frivole Tanga Brief

The Frivole tanga brief is an all-stretch brief with free cut legs at the front and back.  There is a microfibre opaque front and back and beautiful decorative stretch lace side panels with scallop at leg line.  Ultra-flat seaming.  Flat elastic finish at the waist avoids digging in or show through.  Clean finish edge on cotton gusset.  Available in sizes S to XL.

Wacoal Frivole Short

The Wacoal Frivole short has an all-stretch body with scallop detail at the leg line.  Centre front and back seaming for shaping.  Fine flat elastic waistband.  Clean finish edge at gusset.  Available in sizes S to XL.

Wacoal Frivole Brief

The all-stretch Frivole brief has free cut legs at front and back with microfibre opaque front and back panels.  Decorative stretch lace side panels adorn the brief with scallop trim at leg line.  Ultra-flat seaming.  Flat elastic finish at the waist avoids digging in or show through.  Clean finish edge on cotton gusset.  Available in sizes S to XL.

Wacoal Frivole Chemise

The all-stretch microfibre Frivole chemise by Wacoal has a stylish triangle shaping at the neckline with a clean finish. Features inserts of stretch lace at the front and back and lavish lace hemline.  Front dart shaping avoids flattening the bust.  Side seaming for shaping.  Available in sizes S to XL.





elomi soraya

Designed to be seen!

Discover the new Season Elomi styles and make a statement with Soraya.

Designed to be seen, the all new Soraya Collection demands attention.  An on-trend black strapping detail at the centre front gives this existing shape a contemporary twist.

Boasting a striking large scale floral print in vibrant bold colours on a sheer mesh background - this is sure to be a bestseller.

The bra is based on the Betty/Kenza frame with a low centre front giving plunge without push up.  There is a three section cup plus side panel for forward shape, good uplift and separation.  The elasticated neck edge offers ease of fit and there is sexy, stylish front strapping detailing.

Printed wing overlay.

Adjustable straps.

This bra is available from an DD to JJ cup and from 32 to 46 inch back size - whilst stocks last!

By Elomi Lingerie



Elomi Soraya

All I Want For Christmas is........ Sleepwear

Now it's the 1st December, there’s no denying it; as the nights get longer and the weather gets colder…the countdown to Christmas has well and truly started.

Before long we’ll be wrestling with the Christmas lights, Googling how to roast a turkey and getting tangled up in wrapping paper.   Love it or hate it, the festive season is the perfect time to get cosy. Closing your curtains at 6pm, sipping cocoa, lighting candles and getting wrapped up in your pyjamas is the perfect antidote to the Winter blues.

So, why not treat yourself, or someone you love with some crisp new sleepwear? Because the only thing nicer than some comfy jimjams is treating yourself or your loved ones.
With just a few short weeks to go, we're here to help you find the perfect Christmas gifts.
Finding the Bluebella range under your Christmas tree would make any girl happy
The luxe satin star-print Celeste Pyjamas in gorgeous deep blue will make you feel like you’re wearing a starry midnight sky.
Sizes 8-18.
While the Satin Kimono Robe in Ivory would make anyone's White Christmas.
Sizes 8-20
Want a bit more drama?  Then swathe yourself in the beautiful Satin Long Kimono Robe in classic black and feel like a glamorous movie starlet while you stuff yourself with Quality Street when no-one is looking!
Sizes 8-20
Fancy something a little more risqué to keep you warm on a cold Winter night?  Why not wrap yourself up like a present in the flirty Bow Back Knicker.
Bow knicker
Sizes 8-16

Lazeme's Christmas Wish List

all i want for christmas


Hey Ladies, everyone loves to get presents that they really want, right?

Here at the office we're starting to feel festive and there is definitely a bit of sparkle in the air.

With just a few short weeks to go, we're here to help ensure you get what you want under the tree this Christmas.

We'd all like Christmas lingerie but by Christmas Lingerie we just mean lingerie, for Christmas, not white fur trimmed red Santa bras and pants - not the way to a woman's heart!  Of course, men love buying lingerie at this time of year but, well, they're not usually very good at it.  If the man in your life needs a little more help then make use of the Lazeme Christmas Wish List.

my christmas wish list


It's easy.  Here's how:

Browse through our fabulous lingerie and sleepwear - perfect for unforgettable Christmas gifts and indulgent treats.

1.  Choose items that you love and save them to your wish list direct from our Product Pages.  Click on ADD TO WISHLIST (located just under ADD TO BASKET)

2.  Log In or register your email address

3.  When you have finished adding your items to your Wish List, Click SHARE WISHLIST and send to a special someone's email address with a message.


We hope Santa brings you what you wished for.

If you need any further assistance or advice just drop us an email or give us a call.
The Lazeme Girls

This season’s fashion trends in lingerie - Autumn - Winter 2016

Lazeme’s feeling totally on trend for the Autumn/ Winter fashion season 2016 so we thought we would take a look at how to pair our top lingerie brands with the latest styles from the Paris, Milan, New York and of course London Fashion Week shows so that you can get the best from women’s fashion from the inside out.

Take a look at our top 5 picks:

1. Dressing up for corsets and getting the Steampunk look

Corsets and basques offer extreme sex appeal and brilliant support as underwear but the hipster revival and Victorian-inspired cult of Steampunk offers an alternative look to suit all body shapes but can look especially edgy as outerwear lingerie for plus size women.  Pick an extravagant and intricate
design to achieve a rich and intense look over full bodied skirts and dresses and heavy laced boots to get Steampunk or wear it with a slimline suit and elegant heels, a coloured, textured dress or metallics for a look that’s high fashion straight from the runway.  The Elomi Maria basque is perfect for this look.

Elomi Maria Basque


2. How to do lingerie with Masculine trouser suits

As seen on the New York Fall 2016 runways, tailored slimline trouser suits (or pantsuits if you’re American) powered back onto the catwalks taking a hint from the 70s and 80s but mostly shown without lingerie and base layers. At Lazeme we’re advocates for support to enhance your shape and make you feel in control so we think the ideal non-distraction black underwear pairing for a serious suit is the  Fantasie Estelle Brief.

Fantasie Estelle Brief

3. Coordinating lingerie with Leopard print for a high fashion look

It could be tempting to put one leopard print with another and to get a clash of patterns but this season’s look was a roaring success with the use of neutrals to tame the wide range of intense prints. Go for  neutrals and toning simplicity to give a modern look.  Wacoal’s Lace Affair bralette for a sublime but luxe look or for simplicity the Halo Lace soft cup bra.

Wacoal Lace Affair Bralette   Wacoal Halo Lace soft cup bra

4. What to wear with crushed bright velvet

Luxurious, vivid, rich and a boost to how we are used to seeing what are usually quite heavy velvet looks, this season lightweight velvets are making an entrance across all garment types from shirts and suits to skirts and dresses. This look is lighter and more vibrant so it needs a fresher and more zingy satin look.  We love pairing with a matching lingerie set like Freya Deco Charm in Chartreuse.
Freya Deco Charm plunge bra in Chartreuse

5. Stylish support for the sporty, outdoor and thrillseeking woman

Probably one of the most easy to wear day to day looks you’ll wear at the weekend, whether in the city or out in the countryside. Simple and supportive is what’s needed with smooth lines to blend under thick and bulky layers. This Freya Deco Delight team in charcoal with just a little hint of violet converts to a
racer back bra so that you can wear it with athletic base layers giving the set an edge of practicality while cleavage enhancing amps up this high octane look. Not lazy at all!

Freya Deco Delight in charcoal

Get on trend now! Shop for 2016 Fall/Winter lingerie.

Wacoal Lingerie - Shaping the Future?


Ok, be honest. When you hear the word shapewear, do you, like me, picture that classic cinema moment when Daniel discovers Bridget is wearing enormous pants? 15 years on and shapewear has actually become one of the great success stories of the lingerie industry. Thankfully also, it is no longer the frumpy, uncomfortable, difficult to climb in and out of choice for those of us who would like a little trim and slim, squeeze and please, or suck and tuck!!

But with the party season fast approaching (I say party as it still feels too early to mention the C word!), how do we know what is right for us and which pieces will give us the desired effect under our little black (or in my case this year, Orange) dresses?

Luckily, underwear guru Heather from Lazeme was on hand to share her expert knowledge. Lazeme’s go-to brand for shapewear is the Japanese brand Wacoal. Launched in 1946, Wacoal pride themselves on exceptional quality and fit.  Heather explains that Wacoal Shapewear Lingerie uses unique designs in amazing fabrics for the perfect fit without compromising on comfort.

So, in the spirit of giving (‘tis nearly the season after all), here are our top tips for a smooth, bulge free party season.

1.    Size matters
Don’t be tempted to try any other size than the one you normally wear. Going smaller will only cause unsightly bulges rather than the smooth effect you are looking for. If you are unsure then use the size guides that are often available or ask for advice. If you are trying on a piece then make sure you can move around easily (and sit down comfortably!)

Wacoal Beauty Secret Shaping Dress

2.    Lend the right support
Choose the right level of support for the look you require. Lightweight fabrics will give you a lovely smooth silhouette with less control. Heavier fabrics will provide compression for when only the ‘breathe in’ factor will do!  Many garments will make it clear if they offer light, medium or firm support!

Wacoal Beauty Secret Wireless Slimming Body

3.    Bottoms up?
Make sure you know which area or areas you want to concentrate on. There are garments to suit everyone’s needs….

Wacoal Smooth Complexion Firm Long Leg Shaper Brief

Hi Waists
The Wacoal Smooth Complexion Firm High Waist Shaper Brief is wonderful as it come right up to your bra line. Made from spacer, sheer Lycra beauty fabric, it is so breathable and lightweight you'll forget you even have it on.  This whole range camouflages unwanted imperfections and promises to disappear under clothing for a flawless finish.  

Wacoal Smooth Complexion Firm High Waist Shaper Brief Black

Full Body
If you want to be sure of a completely smooth look then full body shapewear is for you. The Wacaol Try A Little Slenderness Body is ultrafine and perfect for smoothing the tummy area. Also, the Beyond Naked Shaping Body subtly shapes and tones and is great for even every day wear!

Wacoal Try A Little Slenderness Body

If it’s your legs you want to smooth and tone then the long leg shaper briefs (or indeed some of the body shapers with legs) are the obvious choice. Great under body con dresses and also slim fit trousers and jumpsuits.


Wacoal Curve Control High Waist Long Leg Shaper Brief

4.    And Breathe…..
Wacoal’s breathable fabric combining moisture absorption. Breathability and microfiber for odour control means that you can be confident of being comfortable whether out for a meal or a night on the dancefloor!

And finally, as a lover of all things lingerie, I sometimes feel with shapewear that functionality can win over style and elegance. Thankfully this isn’t the case with the Wacoal line. The Wacoal Vision garments offer the prettiness of lingerie with the support of shapewear.

Wacoal Vision



My absolute favourite though, has to be the Sensuality Waist Cincher – it’s beautiful and I'm sure Daniel would approve!

Wacoal Sensuality Waist Cincher

What is a Bralette?

What is a Bralette


A good question! One that I certainly couldn’t have answered without my trusty search engine when first asked. As a (not for too much longer) thirty something woman who is a self-confessed underwear addict, it was a question that I felt duty bound to answer. With the help of the fabulous team at Lazeme, I was able to do some virtual (and practical) research and I’m happily now able to give you my top 5 tips and insights into this rising star of the lingerie world.

1.     It’s not a Bra

Ok, let’s get this out of the way to begin with. You cannot compare your Bralette to your bra as they are NOT the same thing. As the happy resident of the 32C/D size bracket, I generally inhabit the world of the wired, fully supportive, full cupped undergarment. However, I have, in recent years noticed that for all my love of things wired, lacy, strappy (and ALWAYS matching – yes, I make no apology – I am ‘one of those women’) there is no better feeling than whipping off my bra and freeing myself from hooks, eyes and constraints. Could the Bralette come to my rescue?

2.     Don’t panic though -  It’s not a Crop Top either

My initial worry was that it would remind me of my first proud foray into the world of lingerie – the crop top! As a pre-teen I remember feeling ever so grown up that I needed to wear this new layer under my blouse. As the mother of a pre-teen, however, I was concerned that my Bralette may make me feel more like I was back in the training bra world and would also utterly confuse my husband when sorting the washing into his, hers and mine! Never fear though, after seconds of research of the vast array of styles, materials and colours it became clear that there were Bralettes for the grownups after all.

3.     Which Bralette should I choose? Find the right style for you!

The unstructured nature of the Bralette doesn’t necessarily mean completely unsupported. My advice would be to try on a few styles to find the right one for you. Generally, the smaller busted ladies amongst us will get on fine with any option, whereas fuller cupped females will need to find the shape that works best for them. Much like how you feel in a swimsuit, you’ll know when you’ve found one you’re comfortable in! From the traditional triangle shape to bandeau style and even Bralettes that are long enough to cover some of your tummy, there really is something for everyone.

bralette styles


4.     What to wear it with? They’re not just for the under 25s!

I may not choose to wear my Bralette alone under some dungarees, with just a flowing skirt at a festival or poking out from under my sheer jumper, but that doesn’t mean I can’t rock it in my own way! If I’m heading out on the school run with my hair piled in a bun and my hoody on, cosying up by the fire with a glass of wine or heading to a friend’s house for a coffee then throwing on the Bralette is definitely for me!



5.     What size Bralette do I choose?

Size guides are available, but true to their laid back nature, rather than a myriad of cup and back size options, you simply choose from Small, Medium, Large & X Large. Charts are available, but if you’re not sure then ask!  The friendly customer service girls from Lazeme suggested I try the medium in the Freya Fancies range and this was a great fit. Snug enough that I felt supported but not too loose that I may as well be braless!

Freya Fancies Bralettes


So Bralette, I welcome you into my lingerie collection as a new addition to the family, a little sister to my trusty bra’s who have kept me safe, secure and have never let me down. You, I feel, will bring a little more youth and relaxation to my life.

Guest Style Editor

Bralettes for the Larger Bust - you can't get enough of this trend!

You can't get enough of this trend and we're obsessed with it, too!

Freya Fancies Bralettes for the Larger Bust

There wasn't much available for the larger bust in bralettes until Freya Lingerie introduced their fab new Freya Fancies range - bralettes with support!  Now you have a myriad of colours to choose from in sizes XS to XL which will fit sizes from a 28B up to a 38HH cup.  

Freya Fancies Bralette Petal PinkFreya Fancies Bralette MagentaFreya Fancies Bralette White

Freya Fancies Bralette Chilli RedFreya Fancies Bralette Electric BlueFreya Fancies Bralette Navy

The Freya Fancies Bralette has soft cups which are gathered under the bust for gentle shaping and the double layered design offers support and shape.  Freya have added a feminine stretch lace to bring this bralette bang up to date.  The lace is featured under the bust and along the neckline - super sexy if you want to show a bit of lace under your tops.  

Freya Fancies Bralettes for DD+

Freya Fancies Bralettes for Larger Cup Sizes

Look at the Freya Fancies Sizing Guide below to help you choose your size.  

Freya Fancies Bralettes Size Guide

We have all been mixing and matching our underwear for years so don't worry about buying matching briefs (although they are available).  Our stylists recommend a mix and match style approach anyway, so why not team your bralette with a colourful basic brazilian or short.

How To Style your Freya Fancies Bralette

Freya Fancies Mix and Match Bras


As fast as we are getting stock in, it is selling out - so shop today to avoid disappointment. We think these are the best bralettes available in the UK this season and really work.  New season fashion colours are available for a short time only.