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You may have seen this viral post (pic right) recently asking people to vote for which way they put their bra on?  When scrolling through the replies, I saw a whole bunch of answers to it, some were very creative indeed but what do we, the lingerie fit experts, actually recommend?

I know it can seem a bit like I’m teaching you how to suck eggs and I will prefix this by saying I’m fully aware that people may have physical limitations that prevent them from doing it this way, however, if you are able to then please try to follow these steps.  Not only does it make the bra fit you better but it increases the longevity of the garment too – win, win!

If you have any questions or need any advice please do comment below and I will be on hand to help you out. 

The Lingerie Expert, Linzi x

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STEP 1: 

Place your arms through the shoulder straps then bend from the waist allowing your boobs to fall into the cups.  Jiggle about until you feel most of your breast tissue is sat into the actual cup and the wires are coming in closer to the rib cage.


STEP 2: 

Return to an upright position, reach around and fasten the clasps (remember if this is a reasonably new bra you should be using the first set of hooks, if you aren’t you may want to recheck your bra fit).  Pull your shoulder straps up into the correct position.



Using your hands, check for any breast tissue that may not be in the cups, reaching back right under the arms, scoop all of the breast in and up.  The wires should not be resting on ANY tissue after completing this step.


STEP 4:  

Finally, double check your shoulder straps are in the right position.  Ensure nothing is digging in or gaping.  Then you are good to go!


The reason we recommend this method is because it is the best way to make sure your boobs sit in the correct place within the bra but it’s also because it’s the best way to increase the life of your lingerie.  If you fasten your bra at the front then spin it, this can cause damage to the elastic and delicate fabrics.  It can also cause the wires to distort and can sometimes indicate your band may be a little too big which will put undue pressure on your shoulders and start to damage both your body and your bra.

For more bra fitting tips see my post 4 Tips To Help You Switch To A More Comfortable Bra.


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