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Lazeme's advice section is full of expert tips and advice to help you find the perfect fitting bra.  

Customers often ask: How do you measure your bra size? How do you know if the bra you are wearing is the right fit?  

We know that finding the perfect fitting bra is key to making you look and feel great.  Browse the Lazeme bra fitting advice pages below to help you find the perfect fitting bra.

View Bra Style Guide

Bra Style Guide

Choosing the correct bra style is key to making you look and feel great.  Lazeme has an extensive range of different styles to choose from so follow our guide to ensure you pick the perfect bra for your shape and occasion.

View Bra Fitting Guide

The Perfect Fitting Bra

Discover what the perfect fitting bra looks like. It's easy, just look for 3 simple things. Find out what a Perfect Fitting Bra should look like.

View Our Bra Fitting Video

Bra Fitting Video

Watch our Bra Fitting Video and find out how to look and feel amazing in a perfectly fitting bra and how to put on a bra.

View Bra Fitting Secrets

Bra Fitting Problems

Are you wearing the right size bra?  Are your cups too small or too big?  How should the band sit?  Our 6 bra fitting secrets reveal whether your current fit is too big or small, or just right!

View Bra Size Calculator

Bra Size Calculator

Calculate your bra size with the new Lazeme Bra Size Calculator.

View Bra FAQs

Bra FAQs

We answer your Bra and Lingerie Frequently Asked Questions.

View Breast Care Guide

Breast Care Guide

View our breast care advice.